Surveys – Collect the Information You Need Most

Feedback and consumer information are crucial to the success of any business. Our survey service helps you collect the information you need.
With over 1.8 million Clickworkers, we can provide you with valuable feedback about your products and services, as well as information about consumers and their behavior.

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  • Kiveda
  • Elbit Systems
  • TennisPoint
  • WeFi
  • Sharewise

Survey Service Use Cases

  • Determine consumer buying behavior
  • Track customer opinion and personality
  • Assess consumer demand
  • Analyze customer background and motivation
  • Check current trends
  • Evaluate the design and usability of your website
  • Collect feedback on new product ideas


  • Quickly reach your target audience through our surveys
  • Options to define your target group
  • Ability to allocate individual survey links for each participant
  • High response rate on surveys
  • Fast responses
  • Seamlessly acquire relevant market data
  • Huge cost savings
  • Scalable throughput

Surveys – Services by clickworker

You need the right market research data to make actionable choices when it comes to product and service planning and selecting your target markets. With the right market research, you can pinpoint your market in advance by getting information about consumers and competitors and feedback about your products and services, reducing decision making risks.

clickworker makes it easy for you to reach thousands of members of your target audience from all around the world. We can share your surveys with over 1.8 million Clickworkers in 136 different countries.

Based on your requirements, we can segment our crowd according to specific demographic characteristics and create the online survey so that it can only be completed by Clickworkers that fit the demographic of your target audience. Our survey service is designed so you can obtain the relevant information about your target group as effortlessly as possible.

We even offer the option to create the survey for you using our online platform. Multiple votes are ruled out in order to guarantee the quality of the results.

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What our customers say about us:

“We conducted our survey on ‘Hotel room facilities’ with clickworker. We would not have been able to achieve such a quick and high response rate if we had used our own organizations.” – Marie J., sales manager of an international hotel chain.

Case Study

We’ve provided the following case studies to show you how our survey service works.

1. University of Potsdam

Show Case Study


2. University research study

Self-Service Surveys

You can easily create your survey orders using the Clickworker marketplace. This is the perfect option for surveys that have been created via an external source, and for which only a survey link is required for participants on the Clickworker marketplace to take part in.

Basic surveys can be created within the marketplace as well, if needed.

Price: Total cost for all participants chosen by you + a 40% service fee + VAT.

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How it works

  1. You enter the title and description of your order.
  2. After determining the basic information about your target audience (you can define the target group according to demographic data or created teams) and a short briefing, you set the fee you will pay each participant.
  3. Insert the link to the survey and the number of participants you want, or upload this data using a CSV file.
  4. Top up your prepaid account and submit your order.

About our Managed Surveys Service

clickworker provides a wide range of crowdsourcing solutions and services that are well-suited for larger survey projects. When you work with us, we take the time to discuss the order with you, explain your options, prepare the project, and if needed, the survey itself.

Surveys are only offered to qualified Clickworkers that are part of your target audience. We also handle the payment process for you.

We make it easy for you to collect valuable insights about your target audience. Contact us today if you are interested in our online survey service.

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Order specifications

Our online survey service provides you with relevant information about your market and clientes. Before we can get started, there are a few things we need to know first:

  • What language will the survey be conducted in?
  • What specifications do you have for your target audience?
  • How many Clickworkers will you need to participate?
  • What topics will the survey cover?
  • How long will the survey be active?
  • How many responses are needed?
  • How many questions will the survey include?
  • How long will it take to complete the survey (in minutes)?
  • Will you provide a link to the survey, or will you need us to create and host it?

How it works

  1. You contact us to discuss your individual survey project.
  2. If you are hosting your survey, it must be accessible through a link and has to show a code at the very end. Alternatively, if you want us to create and host it, you’ll need to send us your questions so we can post it on our platform for you.
  3. Clickworkers who match your requirements will be given access to the survey.
  4. Participating Clickworkers will complete the questionnaire and submit it.
  5. Clickworkers can only complete the questionnaire once. They are paid at the end for participating.

More one-stop services

Our online survey solution can easily be paired with the following services:

Competitor Research

Our competitor research service can use the information obtained in the survey to give you additional market data about your target audience. In order for you to reach a comprehensive understanding of your market, our Clickworkers will search the Web for competitor information that’s relevant to you.

More information

Address Enrichment & Validation

The address enrichment and validation service allows you to update your current address data and enhance it with valuable information.

More information

Mobile Crowdsourcing

Our mobile crowdsourcing service enables you to gather data on-site. Our Clickworkers use their smartphones to collect information for you in the largest cities in the world, and can take pictures of restaurants and shop windows as well.

More information
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