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Order Costs

Copywriting / Text Creation

Quality LevelPrice* excl. proofreadingPrice* incl. proofreading
Simple texts
Straightforward texts that may contain an increased number of spelling, grammar and phrasing mistakes.
1.3 Cent/Wordnot available
Texts about everyday topics without additional research effort
Well-written texts about simple topics that may contain some spelling and grammar mistakes.
1.7 Cent/Word3.7 Cent/Word
Good texts with minor research effort
Well-structured texts with relatively few mistakes in all areas.
2.2 Cent/Word4.2 Cent/Word
Challenging texts with an increased research effort
Well-structured texts about challenging topics, virtually error-free.
3.5 Cent/Word6.5 Cent/Word
Challenging texts in professional quality
Exceptionally well-phrased texts about challenging topics that are high quality.
Very technical articles are not covered.
7 Cent/Word10 Cent/Word


Quality LevelPrice*
Without proofreadingTranslations by native speakers.10 Cent / Word
With proofreadingTranslations by native speakers. Every translation will be checked by a second Clickworker with regard to spelling and grammar.16 Cent / Word


Method of OrderingPrice*
Self ServiceOur Self-Service Marketplace provides a quick and easy way of addressing and obtaining target-group specific participants from our crowd of Clickworkers for your surveys.Client determined payout per participant + 40% service fee
Fee recommendations
Managed ServiceRealization of your indiviual requests regarding the segmentation of participants as well as the creation of your survey via our project management team.
On Request

Costs for other solutions on request


All prices are net prices (exclusive of value added tax).

Hints on text orders

The net price per text is based on the price per word x typical number of words within the range of the text length selected by you.

Per text a basic fee will be charged; this will be to the amount of: € 0.35 for texts excl. proofreading; € 0.45 for texts incl. proofreading.

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