Datasets for Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI) training

Bringing the human touch to machine learning and AI training

Your algorithms need human interaction if you want them to provide human-like results. Our artificial intelligence training data service focuses on machine vision and conversational AI.

With over 1.8 million Clickworkers, we are ready to help you get more out of your algorithms through dedicated training datasets, system testing, and validation.

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  • AI & Unbotify
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  • Elbit Systems
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What we can do for you:

Generation of Training Data

  • Voice Recordings / Audio Data Sets
    e.g. for machine learning of speech recognition systems
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  • Photos
    e.g. photos of faces and facial expresions for training artificial intelligence (AI) systems to recognize sensitivities
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  • Video Recordings / Video Data Sets
    e.g. for the training of artificial intelligence (AI) systems for the recognition and evaluation of moving images
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  • Text Creation
    handwritten or digitally created – e.g. for training artificial intelligence (AI) systems with text recognition

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Tagging & Enrichment of Training Data

  • Text Analysis
    and evaluations (text mining)
  • Image Annotation
    e.g. road traffic for the training of autonomous driving and parking systems
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Evaluation of Results & Testing of Systems

  • Evaluation of the Results of Artificial Intelligence Systems
    by human mind
  • Testing / Running the Online Processes of AI Systems

Managed Service Training Data for Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As a full-service provider, we handle the entire process from start to finish.

After our initial project discussion, we evaluate your needs and develop an actionable plan. Your traproject is then divided up into smaller microtasks, placed online, and tested.

The initial project is released to a smaller selection of qualified Clickworkers that we feel are best suited for your task. As they complete individual microtasks, thousands of tasks are completed in record time.

All submitted tasks are checked for quality based on our internal guidelines. Finalized results can be sent to you on a continual or cumulative basis, via email, uploaded to your server, or through an API.

Contact a member of the clickworker service team today if you want to learn more about how our artificial intelligence training data services can help you train your algorithms with valuable human intelligence.

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Order specifications

Are you looking to make an inquiry regarding our “Artificial Intelligence Training Data Services?” Here’s what we need to know:

  • What is the general scope of the task?
    • What type of training data will you require?
    • What form do you require the training data to be processed in?
    • What type of results do you want evaluated? What form do you want them evaluated in? Do you require us to follow a specific criteria?
    • What do you need tested or run through a set of processed? Do these tasks require a specific form?
  • How large is the project?
  • Do you require Clickworkers from a specific region?
  • What kind of quality control requirements do you have?
  • What data format do you need the results / data to be delivered in?
  • Do you require an API connection?

For Photos:

  • What format do you require the photos to be?

How it works

  1. Initial contact – You contact us to discuss your artificial intelligence research project.
  2. Project creation – We create the project online, test it, break it down into smaller microtasks, and allow qualified Clickworkers to bid on the project.
  3. Processing of microtasks – Selected Clickworkers create the required training data, process existing data sets, and perform system tests in order to validate the results for your AI systems.
  4. Quality control – All results and data are assessed. Once approved, they are provided to you.



  • Input large quantities of high-quality, human tested training into your algorithms.
  • Pick and choose from a wide variety of options.
  • Benefit from the diverse capabilities of the 1.8 million Clickworker workforce.
  • Complete large-scale training projects quickly.
  • Leverage human intelligence to train your algorithms.
  • Take advantage of our cost-effective artificial intelligence training data services. Flexibility.
  • API connections is available.
  • Entire project is managed and completed through a single service provider.

The Importance of Training Data for Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Data scientists continue to work tirelessly to try and replicate human intelligence through the algorithms they create. And while they continue to make progress, the complex AI systems they are creating need more than just the code that defines them.

AI systems heavily rely on human intelligence in order to learn, develop, and act. As these systems learn from this data, they are better able to handle increasingly complex tasks.

clickworker offers training data for artificial intelligence systems that provide algorithms with the different variations of human intelligence that they need to be trained properly.

Processing of training data for your artificial intelligence systems

We simplify how you handle processing training data by doing all the work for you.

Through microtasks, we break up your project and hand it off to our large and qualified workforce. Not only do you receive valuable human intelligence, but we are able to sort through large amounts of data in no time.

Clickworkers can tag, edit images, plot points, and correct individual elements in order to provide you with high-quality data sets. bounding boxes

Training and testing of your artificial intelligence / AI systems

Our artificial intelligence training data services offer support from top to bottom. Our Clickworkers perform tests on your AI systems, filter through pre-programmed processes, and evaluate the results using human logic.

Comprehensive quality control of training data for your artificial intelligence systems

We put a lot of effort into providing you with a high-quality experience. All of our Clickworkers are thoroughly vetted, and any training data created is tested for quality.

Depending on the project, data sets are proofread or validated using the two-man rule, which requires peer review or majority decision before project completion.

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What our customers say about us

“We are constantly optimizing our AI systems in the field of mobile communication and virtual assistants. clickworker is the ideal partner and helped us quickly obtain training data in the form of possible questions formations for training of our AI systems. Recently, 1,000 predefined questions were paraphrased between 100 and 200 times by Clickworkers. This training data was essential!“

Peter B., project manager with a software company for AI communication systems

Case Studies

Want to learn more about our artificial intelligence training data services? Check out the following case studies:

AI – Face Recognition


AI – Speech Recognition


Chat bots

Even more services from a single provider

Here’s a few services that our clients like to combine with our “Artificial Intelligence Training Data Services”:

Search Relevance

Our service search relevance services allow you to verify and test your search engine results for relevancy using our massive Clickworker workforce.

More information


Quickly complete polls, surveys, and obtain valuable feedback for your products and services using our Clickworkers in order to better understand human behavior.

More information


With our translation service, you can easily have existing texts translated into whatever languages you need to train your artificial intelligence systems in.

More information

Sentiment Analysis

The sentiment analysis service offers you the opportunity to have texts, videos, and audio files analyzed and evaluated by our Clickworkers. The data can then be used to train your algorithms.

More information

Video Tagging

The video tagging / video analysis service lets you have your videos analyzed, described, and evaluated. This data is valuable and can be used to train your AI systems.

More information

Image Labeling

Our Image labeling / electronic image marking service allows you to have all significant elements marked on thousands of images to train your AI systems with when it comes to image recognition.

More information
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