Our Clickworker Concept

You can profit from the power and creativity of more than 1.8 million Clickworkers – the registered independent contractors on our platform.

Use this incredible workforce to complete your projects quickly and inexpensively, at the highest possible quality. Take a look: Our clients are our best advertisement!


This is how it works:

We develop individual solutions for complex tasks of our clients and break large projects down into microtasks.
The jobs are processed directly on our online platform, simultaneously completed by many qualified Clickworkers,…
…merged together after adequate quality controls have been carried out and finally transferred as correct results to the clients.


Ways to place orders

There are two ways to place orders for our solutions:

Managed Service

We offer managed service solutions for individual projects and orders. We take over the complete order process, discuss the project with you and implement it on a customer-specific basis.

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Managed Service

Managed Service orders can be requested for each of our solutions.
  1. Placing a personal order for larger and more complex tasks
    We draft an individual and customized solution for your project according to your specifications and demands. We break the project down into individual micro-jobs and place them on our order platform.
  2. Job allocation and handling
    All of the jobs are allocated and quickly handled by our large network of Clickworkers with the qualifications required to fulfil the task.
  3. Controls
    Depending on the type of order, suitable quality assurance processes are integrated into the workflow and carried out to ensure correct results.
  4. Acceptance of the results
    You will be sent the results for approval and release. Your project is completed.

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Self Service Text Creation

You can order various types of texts, with or without keywords, via our Self Service Marketplace in just a few short steps.


  • specify the text category, language, length and quality level,
  • select a team of authors and formulate the instructions for the author,
  • insert topics, keywords and keyword density or upload these data via excel file
  • if needed, the task form which will be displayed to the authors can be edited individually,
  • charge credit to your account and submit your order
– done!

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Self Service Translations

Beside the creation of texts you can also order translations via our Self Service Marketplace. All translations are carried out by native speakers. The result is not a stiff word-by-word translation, but a free-flowing, analogous translation of the context.


  • enter the title and the description of your order,
  • specify the source and target language,
  • insert the source texts or upload these via excel file,
  • top up your prepaid account and send off the order

Self Service Surveys

You can also place your survey orders on our marketplace yourself. This service is suitable for surveys that have been created by an external source and for which you only need to provide us with a link for the survey participants. But, in addition, you have the option to create the survey itself within the order process on our marketplace.


  • enter the title and the description of your order,
  • determine the basic information regarding the target audience of the survey (you can define the target group according to demographic data or created teams) as well as the fee per participant,
  • insert the link to the survey and the desired number of participants or upload these data via excel file,
  • top up your prepaid account and send off the order
– done!

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Self Service Sentiment Analysis

Even sentiment analysis orders can be placed on our marketplace yourself. Our crowd examines and analyzes unstructured data for you, e.g. texts, pictures, videos and audio files you want to draw on to identify and extract consumer information.


  • Define the title of the order and briefing,
  • define the number of results that must concord to ensure the quality, as well as the Clickworker fee per correct result,
  • specify the participation criteria,
  • enter the order data or upload data as Excel or CSV files,
  • top up the prepaid account and send off the order
– done!


This short guide shows you more detailed how the order placement on our marketplace works.

Application Opportunities

As much as modern computing power has increased, there are still many things only humans can do. If you have or need quantities of unstructured data, such as text, photos, or videos, we can help you.

clickworker gets tasks done that computers can’t process, won’t process, (because the cost of programming or equipment is too high) or those you can’t do because you don’t have enough human resources to complete the project on time and on budget.

Here are just a few examples:

Read our services here in detail.

What you Have to Gain

  • Quick turnaround of projects/orders when you lack internal resources and funding, saving you time and money.
  • clickworker services are flexible – use them when you need them.
  • No administration required. Placing an order is easy and uncomplicated.
  • Receive your text and data in the format you want.
  • You have a dedicated client services contact person for all your orders.
  • We invoice only completed and accepted orders.
  • You receive only the best-quality results. Each project is processed by vetted and qualified Clickworkers. In addition, we implement systemic quality control mechanisms as requested.

Quality Assurance

Using special quality assurance procedures such as statistical process testing, audits and peer review and constantly evaluating all output, we ensure top level results. Our Clickworkers are evaluated for each job they do for us. For each new job on our platform, the Clickworkers are selected according to training and testing results as well as past performance.

These are the quality controls that make clickworker different from other crowdsourcing providers:

  • Assessments
  • Continual rating
  • Job allocation according to the Clickworker’s skills
  • Random spot testing
  • Injected testing
  • Two-man rule
  • Peer-review
  • Majority decision
  • Complex workflow management
  • Plagiarism check of all text
  • Texts are checked by a proofreader

More information about our services, our business model as well as an overview of our company is available for download here.