Giving back
Commitments and CSR Projects

As a young, global company we carry a corporate responsibility towards our employees, Clickworkers and customers, but also towards the global environment and society as a whole.

Employees & clickworker

Corporate social responsibility is an important component of our company’s values. It is important to us that our employees, who are our most important capital, stay with us. Therefore, we offer them flexible work hours, attractive benefits, many opportunities for development, a good work environment, and plenty of room for individuality.

Clickworkers & clickworker

We make it possible for Internet users across the world to improve their quality of life by providing work they can do independently and on their own schedule. Payment is fair and equitable across all countries. What counts here is ability and commitment.

Customers & clickworker

We offer our customers a wide range of services and all the support necessary for them to complete their projects at a fair price. Through numerous quality control measures, we ensure that our customers receive high quality results. One of clickworker’s many strengths is that we can complete projects that can’t be completed by computers, which are too extensive for specialists or for which enough personnel would be too expensive. Therefore our Clickworkers do not compete with these highly qualified specialists, but often they are the only way for our customers to get their projects completed quickly and cost-effectively.

Society, Environment & clickworker

We fulfill our responsibility to the global environment and society by supporting social and ecological projects, especially projects that could benefit from the enormous work potential of our thousands of Clickworkers. Are you familiar with such a project? Please tell us about it. We would be delighted to meet with the project’s organizers to discuss possibilities and logistics.

Principles for paid crowdsourcing / crowdworking

Crowdsourcing Code of Conduct

The crowdsourcing code of conduct – for fair cooperation

In collaboration with the Deutsche Crowdsourcing Verband (German Crowdsourcing Organization) and the crowdsourcing providers, Testbirds and Streetspotr, we have developed a code of conduct to regulate the prospective cooperation between service providers, customers and crowdworkers. The goal is to enhance the legislation and establish general guidelines that will make crowdworking, a new form of work, profitable for everyone involved.

The code of conduct includes basic principles

  • with regard to the seriousness of the tasks offered,
  • with regard to informing the crowdworker about the legal situation,
  • regarding fair payment for the crowd,
  • regarding crowd motivation,
  • regarding task definition and time management,
  • regarding freedom and flexibility in the completion of tasks,
  • regarding support for the crowdworker,
  • regarding communication,
  • regarding work environment as well as data privacy and sphere of privacy.
  • The code of conduct can be signed by interested companies and will be continually developed. The basic principles can be read online at


    Our pro bono projects:

    Deutscher Webvideopreis

    Charity project of the German Web Video Award 2013 & 2014

    The German Web Video Award pays tribute to innovative and exceptional works in the Internet moving image sector, and is aimed at amateurs and professional video makers.
    Participation in the competition is subject to the conditions of participation.
    In 2013 and 2014, the Crowd assessed the videos via the platform and determined whether they meet the requirements. Clickworkers viewed thousands of videos, and examined them based on various criteria. For every video that was examined, 0,15 € have been donated to the children’s hospice Regenbogenland.

    ? Read more about the project (…in German)

    George Eastman House

    ?George Eastman House“

    In a large-scale partnership with the iconic “George Eastman House International Museum of Photography & Film” in Rochester (New York), clickworker is tagging and categorizing hundreds of thousands of photographs from their vast archive so they can come alive!

    ? Read more about the project here

    Amadeu Antonio Stiftung

    “Net against Nazis”

    ‘Net against Nazis’ is an Amadeu Antonio Foundation project. With this project our Clickworkers have already tracked down over 1,150 sites with extreme radical right-wing and racist content as well as 3,500 entries in social networks to report. We forward the sites to the foundation, which also manages the website.
    Depending on their severity, the foundation then forward the information on to other governing groups. Some sites were shut down and others were even forwarded on for criminal prosecution.

    ? Read more about the project here